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victims of imposed sharia ending silence

Read more about our mission and partnerships with the brave women, lgbtqia+, minorities and brave children who have decided to end their silence on imposed Sharia Law.

Breaking News: Women Attending Kabul University Reported to be Forced into Segregated Classrooms:

Read More Below:

As the Taliban exerts their power in Afghanistan,human rights activists across the globe are working tirelessly to protect the women in Afghanistan who are unjustly objected to follow a strict Sharia law code- essentially stripping them of all their freedoms and liberties. Since the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, female suicides have increased over 30%. Join us to donate to these women and provide a platform for the women who have survived imposed Sharia Law- they will no longer be silenced. 

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From Afghanistan to Tunisia, many survivors of imposed Sharia law are breaking their silence to share their stories. A current issue that VOISES is tackling is the issue of the unproportionate amount of female suicides in Islamic countries. Read more below about the spokeswoman who ended her silence years ago to tell people the truth about imposed Sharia law- at the loss of entry into her home country. 


Meet Sarah Idan: A Champion of Women's Rights in the Middle East: Sarah Idan was banned from re-entry into her home country, Iraq, for taking a selfie with an Israeli and speaking against Sharia Law. This is her story. You can learn more by watching "A conversation with Sarah" below:

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