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Pre Hanukah Bash to celebrate and spread the light .

What better way to combat the growing trend of online antisemtisim then by drinking, dancing and celebrating life 

Casita Hollywood

Open Bar/ Ice Bar 

Gourmet Wood oven Pizza and Hors D'oeuvres (Glatt Kosher)



DJ Krisp / live entertainment 

Special guest appearances

Art giveaway by world renowned artist 


About the love is real movement 

Its easy to call out the wrongs of society but our job is to create change where it counts. Every action, every dollar and all resources will manifest direct tangible change. Whether it has been our partnerships with the White House to declare homelessness a national crisis or our street level actions please see a list of our recent works: 

- Created Israeli kibbutz eco friendly self sustaining townships to help the chronic homeless who do not benefit from mainstream societal living. This was a joint effort with White House and our mission was simple. Exposing the homeless industrial complex where politicians and developers profit of homelessness and creating a free model through Israeli technology where other states can easily replicate and humanly create transitional housing, employment, self reliance and sufficiency with the least burden on tax payers.

- Our works to bridge our black and jewish communities through the 14th amendment civil rights movement to end the injustices of homelessness. 

- Toured the White House delegation around local California missions, skid row, and encampments 

- Re-enacted the Martin Luther King walk with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim community leaders at the abbot Kinney fair 

- Sponsored and organized peaceful demonstrations to combat antisemitism, black and Asian hate as well as terror committed against Israel 

- Organized free yearly outdoor spiritual services (Yom Kippur in the garden) once a year at the will rogers memorial park 

- Organized neighborhood watchs and patrols which have resulted in many hate motivated arrests 

- Created a network of social media unity pages to help bridge the divide between our marginalized communities 

- partnered with 2800 Latino churches to feed the needy and people at the border

- have alliships with local school districts to use our (dont eat? Donate ! ) Boxes to help repurpose no perishables foods as well as clothing to people in need

****All proceed from this event will be donated to help combat the growing trend of online Antisemitism****


*Please Uber or coordinate transportation responsibly 

* Ask about Sponsorship or joining the team


Sealed with Love

become a domestic peace warrior

Image by AJ Colores

If you have a specific talent that you feel can aid our cause in spreading universal love, this is the organization for you. Click below to find out more opportunities in your area. 

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