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Zero Waste Zone.

Read more about our efforts to make our food consumption more sustainable for the planet-while helping the homeless and food insecure.
Green Waste Recycling

Uneaten food at retailers, restaurants and homes cost 161 billion annually. Just diverting 15% of the food that currently goes to waste would be enough to cut the number of food insecure Americans in half. 


180 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year in the US. That is enough food to feed 25 million Americans. 40% of our food supply ends up in waste. While 1 out of 6 Americans live in food insecure households and others go starving on the streets. 


90% of what restaurants throw out could be reused. Our food waste produces 34% of methane gas in landfills and 15% of it comes from restaurants. Food waste wastes 4% of American energy budget, 20% of US land usage and 32% of the USA's fresh water supply.

Volunteers at Food Bank

Don’t Eat? Donate!

Don't Eat? Donate! can pose as the mediator between the restaurants, food corporations and the hungry and food insecure. We will offer tax incentivization for the donated food while offering security from litigation via a low fee purchase contract and waiver. Let’s put our food waste to good use.


Don’t Need? Donate!

Food is not the only thing wasted in today’s society. Perfectly good items that can fill the needs of our in need population are usually tossed and deemed as trash. We can repurpose almost anything and give it to those in need instead of adding it to our landfills. 

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