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Support indigenous Brown Black native Israeli rights! 


Our unwavering commitment lies in shedding light on the extensive, decades-old, multibillion-dollar Palestinian industrial complex. Decades of failed policies and the presence of corrupt Palestinian leadership have subjected their own people to exploitation for far too long. These leaders have misappropriated vast amounts of international aid and illicitly amassed billions, all while perpetuating the oppression of their own citizens. Furthermore, they have manipulated and militarized their children and misused global aid to perpetrate violence against innocent civilians in Israel. It falls upon us to wholeheartedly combat misinformation and racism through a range of social media campaigns and strategic advertising efforts. Simultaneously, we stand firm in our commitment to provide aid and essential supplies to terror victims in Israel and to Jewish communities worldwide.

LA, meet your solution
to homelessness-Dome Village.


Prior to becoming the Dome Village, the site was a shantytown inhabited by the homeless. In 1993, the village was founded by our partner and activist Ted Hayes. The village setting is intended to create stability for residents who live an otherwise-precarious existence. A song titled "People In Need" recorded by gospel legend Edwin Hawkins and Tramaine Hawkins was inspired by this project. The song became the soundtrack for the video "Justiceville", produced by Gary Glaser, which documents the bull-dozing of a Ted Hayes encampment that preceded Dome Village. The dwellings were designed by architect Craig Chamberlain, a former student of Buckminster Fuller. The domes, which cost about $10,000 each and are easy to repair and maintain, are made of polyester fiberglass. Click below to read more about our mission to end the injustices of homelessness. 

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our work dismantling
systemic racism in


Our movement is heavily motivated by the doctrines and beliefs of the most prominent figures in love history who sought to dismantle systemic and internal racism. By organizing demonstrations, workshops, and classes, we hope to continue our fight to push equality for all marginalized people. By co-opting the vision of the late great Dr. King, we hope to make this the generation where can stop seeking differences and start focusing on our similarities. Check out our "Join Us" page to find an event near you that you can join to do your part!

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our zero waste
zone projects

Domestic Waste Bin

Our planet is suffering, and so are our under-privledged communities as a result. How do we help two causes at the same time? Meet our Zero Waste Zone project. LA currently diverts 76.4 percent of its waste from landfills; under the franchise waste hauling system it has set a goal to divert 90 percent.

Other goals of the program include: reducing landfill disposal by 1 million tons annually by 2025, setting transparent and predictable solid waste and recycling service rates, investing more than $200 million into waste and recycling infrastructure and putting more clean-fuel waste hauling trucks on the road.

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domestic peace

Crowd Protesting

We are a movement of hundreds of trained volunteers across organizations, religious denominations and political parties that have been trained to help as domestic peace workers.Therapists, doctors, permaculturists, developers, emergency aid personal and people like me and you.

Today more than ever we need to unite in action and mobilize grassroots initiatives to create change and heal injustices. The opportunities are right here in our own backyards and each one of us has someway to contribute.

Help us build eco friendly townships for our homeless communities, lobby and change policies, fight racism on the forefronts or just help raise awareness.You have a passion? We have the mission! Click to read more about our roles.


victims of imposed sharia ending silence

Teacher and Student

V.O.I.S.E.S  is short for Victims of Imposed Sharia Ending Silence.  This mission was specifically crafted to help Muslim refugees end the silence that has been imposed on them in order to fully realize their freedoms, liberties, and unique perspectives. We are working hand in hand with several Muslim volunteers who have come forward after years of being imposed with Sharia law. Read more to find out more about the work we do to help these Muslim refugees find a new life. This includes helping find asylum for battered women, child brides, and LGBTQ victims of imposed sharia law.

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book drive for
under privileged children
in gaza


As middle eastern conflicts continue to affect children in these regions, a need for a deeper education for our next generation is becoming more and more vital. through our book drive, we are working closely with several organizations in the middle east to bring resources and educational material to children in the middle east to expand their tolerances beyond what they are taught by racist and oppressive educational institutions. read more to find out more about our work, and the children we are hoping to get these books to. 

ending modern
day slavery


In several areas in the world today, modern day slavery exists and is extremely prevalent. We must take a stance against modern day slavery, and demand corporations recognize that their goods are produced by slaves in Somalia, Taiwan, Pakistan,  Palestine, and more. We are devoted to doing any part we can to bring awareness to this persistent evil in the world. 

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