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Read more about our work advocating for systemically marginalized communities- through events, donations, and educational seminars. 
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In 2021, racism has no place in society-However, it endures in subtle forms, deeply ingrained in systemic structures, such as the private prison industrial complex, and even permeates our personal relationships with friends and family. Our primary focus is to collaborate with influential anti-racist activists and educators to promote education, foster inspiration, and advocate for a collective shift in mindset within our communities and beyond. We are committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable world for everyone. For more information about our various initiatives and objectives aimed at addressing these persistent real-world challenges, please continue reading below.

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#StopAsianHate-a movement to expose the real virus in our society-
is a movement that began after members of the Asian community were attacked by racist individuals motivated by conspiracies regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us at several rallies or follow us on instagram where we work night and day to provide platforms and representation to members of the community who speak on the challenges they face everyday in this country- and what we can do to help. 

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Ending the private prison industrial complex- One of the core goals of our mission is to dismantle the private prison industrial complex. This objective is at the forefront of our efforts. Collaborating with activist Ted Hayes, we are dedicated to raising awareness among the general population about the disproportionate impact that Black men and women experience within the prison system. We strive to shed light on how these systemic structures continue to profit from the lives of innocent individuals. Through various means such as protests, educational workshops, and other initiatives, our aim is to publicly educate people about this ongoing systemic injustice. Below, you can find further information about the overrepresentation of people of color in private, profit-driven prisons


According to the FBI, Antisemitic attacks have increased over 600%  2021-Here's how to help. 
In the aftermath of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, an extremist group controlling Gaza, there has been a normalization of Iran's financial support for online shell accounts and the dissemination of Nazi propaganda and Antisemitism. This normalization has unfortunately spread to various spaces globally, including progressive spaces that aim to protect marginalized groups. At LIRM, our objective is to denounce hatred wherever it exists and to educate ourselves and others in the process. Regardless of political affiliations, it is widely recognized that Antisemitism is a harmful ideology that consistently resurfaces by adapting to modern narratives of justice. Despite identifying as progressive, we are not hesitant to take a stand and condemn hate in all its forms. By collaborating closely with the Jewish community, influential activists, and educators, we are dedicated to educating and empowering individuals within these spaces, in order to prevent them from easily succumbing to long-standing prejudices. For more information, please refer to the FBI's latest statistics on Antisemitic hate crime data.

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