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Read more about our work advocating for systemically marginalized communities- through events, donations, and educational seminars. 
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In 2021, racism has no place in our society- yet it persists in small jabs, in systemic foundations, in the private prison industrial complex, and even lingers in our inter-personal lives with friends and families. We make it a top priority to work with prominent anti-racist activists and educators to educate, inspire, and call upon a collective mental shift within and outside of our communities to make this world more accessible-for all of us. Read more below to educate about our branches and missions to tackle these real world, persistent issues.

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#StopAsianHate-a movement to expose the real virus in our society-
is a movement that began after members of the Asian community were attacked by racist individuals motivated by conspiracies regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us at several rallies or follow us on instagram where we work night and day to provide platforms and representation to members of the community who speak on the challenges they face everyday in this country- and what we can do to help. 

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Ending the private prison industrial complex- is a flagship pillar of our mission. Together with activist Ted Hayes, we are fighting to educate the masses on the disproportionality that Black men and women face when it comes to prison- and how those systemic systems continue profiting off of innocent lives. By holding demonstrations, educational seminars, and more, we aim to publicly educate the masses on this persisting systemic injustice. You can read more below about the disproportionality of POC in private, for profit prisons:


According to the FBI, Antisemitic attacks have increased 600% in 2021-Here's how to help. 
Following the wake of the latest flare up between Israel and Hamas, a terrorist organization controlling Gaza, Antisemitism became normalized in many spaces around the world- including progressive, leftist spaces which are designed to protect minorities. Our mission at LIRM is to condemn hate wherever it exists, and educate ourselves and others in the process. Regardless of your political affiliations, we can all agree that Antisemitism is a cancerous virus that seems to rear it's ugly head again and again, by continuously re-contextualizing itself into fitting modern narratives of justice. Although we consider ourselves to be a liberal organization, we are not afraid to stand up even to left space sin our own community and condemn hate where it lies. Working closely with the Jewish community, along with several prominent Jewish activists and educators, we are working on educating people in these spaces to not be so easily indoctrinated into the age-old hatred. Read more below to view the FBI's most recent statistics regarding Antisemitic hate crime data:

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